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We place world excellence in your hands. Luxurious resorts, lodges, colonial hotels and city hotels. But also ancient countries, architecture and gardens. We take you to difficult destinations and show you the marvels they have to offer.

Palidano Press always goes on location. It discovers, photographs, experiences, experiments and presents the world to you in luxurious publications.

Only the best. Certified and controlled – because a book is a discovery, a trip, an instrument of knowledge. But most of all it must be trustworthy because it never ages.


Three series to discover the world.

Ovidio’s Selection

Hospitality to the nth power. Luxurious, exclusive, excellent. A series of directories on the best in hospitality edited by Ovidio Guaita

Imago Mundi

To experience the pleasure of the discovery of our planet. Inaccessible regions, architecture, gardens. Earth and Man in their meanings.


The pleasure of travelling. The guides for better travel. From tourists to travellers. LifeStyle, the best from life. The directories of excellence.

Resorts Magazine creates a new standard of credibility for the reader. It presents only destinations visited by the editorial staff.

Its rankings reflect a judgement that comes from the decades of experience of its experts. Every issue is a discovery (or rediscovery) of magic places, where one can live experiences of hospitality that represent the state of the art of the sector. The magazine is an indispensable travel companion for those who want the best from resorts, city hotels, spas and cruises.

Resorts Magazine is directed by Ovidio Guaita.

Travel Academy is the magazine of the great Italian travellers. It is directed by Ovidio Guaita.


We shot state-of-the-art pictures on several field, especially: hospitality, travel, architecture and archeology.

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Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, UK

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